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Water Damage Repair Orange County

Ensure Quality in Your Water Damage Repair: Orange County’s Able Restoration and Continuous Quality Control

When it comes to water damage repair, Orange County owners want results that are fast, affordable, and effective. Leaks, pipe bursts, and flooding can cause major problems. Even when the visible signs are repaired, water damaged homes can have mold, odor, weakened structural support, and spreading bacteria.

Able Restoration understands these issues. For over four decades, our company has been the go-to provider for owners in need of water damage repair. Orange County homes and businesses have been restored to their original state—and better—thanks to the expertise of our professionals.

Excellent Results and a Positive Experience

When owners hire a company to help with repairs, they may not always consider the experience that they will have working with the provider. When a catastrophe hits, customers tend to be more concerned with getting the problem fixed. Besides, most businesses that they are looking at usually say that they offer “great customer service” and “great communication.”

Do they really know what they are really getting, though? After suffering damage to a home or business, the last thing a customer wants is headaches throughout the process of water restoration. Orange County owners can make certain that they have the support they are expecting by working with Able Restoration.

How do they know? Able Restoration’s Continuous Quality Control system makes certain of it. Learn below how it works.

Our Continuous Quality Control

Able Restoration hires experienced and professional team members to handle your project. They understand our company’s focus on customer service and they follow our high standards, helping to make certain you have a quality experience.

To give owners confidence in this promise, Able Restoration uses a staged survey that connects customers with our home office. Unlike some contractors, we have an entire department focused on customer care. It plays a central role in every project.

After a customer calls for service, our team arrives onsite and handles the preliminary activities for water damage repair. Shortly afterwards, our customer service department contacts you to find out whether our response was satisfactory. These are one-on-one calls with a human being (versus an emailed survey or automated telephone survey.) As a result, we can address concerns right then and there.

When the restoration process begins, we’ll check in again to find out whether you have had good individual contact with our staff; whether we have been considerate of your time; and whether our staff has been knowledgeable and communicative.

At the end of a project, Able Restoration reconnects to see how you rate our completion schedule and your overall satisfaction with us. We know that the damages that you have suffered due to leaks, pipe bursts, and flooding can have a big impact on your life, and we ask these questions not only to ensure quality, but also to learn whether we have been able to help you recover.

Find out more about Able Restoration’s water damage repair services for Orange County owners. Call us at 1-800-696-6676.

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About Us

Able Restoration has been the largest provider of water damage services to Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino and Los Angeles residents since 1996. We understand how water damage can occur in your home, how it can be prevented and how to repair it. One of the most commonly believed causes of water damage in are harsh hurricanes or tropical storms. However, we find that water damage is frequently threatened by more than just the typical type of natural disaster. The average rainfall is relatively light in Riverside, but there is still plenty of room for your home or property to suffer from water damage. In Orange County, water damage can also be a result of high rising river waters, broken levees, flash flooding from severe rainstorms, and even choosing to reside in ocean front properties can lead to extreme water damaging results