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Water Damage and Mold Restoration | Riverside, CA

When a home or business sustains water damage, reconstruction isn’t the only job it may need. Buildings that have been exposed to moisture may also require mold restoration. Riverside owners who don’t deal with these issues may end up paying more in the long term as mold spores grow behind their repaired walls and into other areas, such as central air systems.

Owners should rely on an end-to-end provider for reconstruction after disaster. Our team at Able Restoration has more than 45 years of experience helping people whose property has experienced water, mold, and fire damage. Riverside owners work with us because of our professionalism, competitive pricing, and thorough response to the issues they are facing. When our work is complete, they know that the job is done right.

Our work with mold removal after water damage is different in some ways from the typical mold restoration. Riverside owners are encouraged to learn more below. Then, contact us for help with your property.

Causes of Water Damage

Buildings are susceptible to water damage from a few different sources. Two of the most common are a pipe burst or a water supply line leak. Repairs to burst pipes can become complicated, especially if they take place underneath the property’s foundation. Water supply lines are easier to repair, but a ruptured line to a washing machine or sink may go unnoticed until after it creates significant damage.

Water damage may be contained to a single area, or it can affect the structural integrity of the entire building. Spotting the problem early and fixing it correctly is the best way to avoid large-scale damage. It’s also the best way to prevent widespread mold growth.

Water Damage Reconstruction and Mold Restoration

When Riverside owners contact Able Restoration, we’ll be on-site quickly to review the property. The most important step is securing the building so that it doesn’t pose a risk to the people inside.

Next, our team will remove any remaining water from structure. We will also dry and clean the contents of the property; items such as furniture, appliances, and electronic equipment are typically moved off-site to our offices, where our experts work to restore them to their original condition. Able Restoration can store these items until the property is reconstructed and ready for their return.

After damaged materials have been removed from the building, our team will begin drying the structure and providing Riverside owners with mold restoration. We will create a containment area to prevent the spread of mold, and then we will use a HEPA-vac system, negative air equipment, and air scrubbers to dry the area thoroughly.

Typically, our team will recommend that owners have a third-party environmental hygienist complete air quality testing. Afterwards, we will finalize the repairs to structural damage and make finishing touches. This may include painting walls, reinstalling carpets and drapes, and taking other steps to return the building to its original condition.

To learn more about mold restoration in Riverside homes, call us at 1-800-696-6676.

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Able Restoration has been the largest provider of water damage services to Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino and Los Angeles residents since 1996. We understand how water damage can occur in your home, how it can be prevented and how to repair it. One of the most commonly believed causes of water damage in are harsh hurricanes or tropical storms. However, we find that water damage is frequently threatened by more than just the typical type of natural disaster. The average rainfall is relatively light in Riverside, but there is still plenty of room for your home or property to suffer from water damage. In Orange County, water damage can also be a result of high rising river waters, broken levees, flash flooding from severe rainstorms, and even choosing to reside in ocean front properties can lead to extreme water damaging results