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Mold Removal Riverside

Mold Removal: Riverside’s Able Restoration Restores Your Property to Its Original Condition

When mold spores, bacteria, or a mildew odor affect the quality of the air inside your building, it’s important to protect the people who live and work there… as well as the value of your property.

For mold removal, Riverside property owners should select a team that has broad expertise, an outstanding track record, and high level of service. It’s the reason that many owners turn to us.

Able Restoration is an experienced provider of services that include fire damage repair, water damage remediation, and mold restoration. Riverside properties that seem lost to disaster can be restored to their original state (or better) with the help of our professionals.

Able Restoration serves as a one-stop solution for mold removal. Riverside owners can have us handle the mold issue as well as repair work on issues that led to the problem, such as water damage. We will also conduct a thorough inspection to understand what is causing the mold and how to prevent it.

About Mold

Mold spores do not require much to develop. All it takes is moisture, air, and a source of food, and over time, these spores can grow to affect larger and larger areas of a building.

Typically, they take root in dark and damp places. In homes, this might be behind a shower wall, on a bathroom ceiling, or under a kitchen sink. In places of work, water damage from leaks can leave areas of the structure damp, and without proper treatment, mold can begin to develop.

Prolonged exposure may create health problems those inside of the building. Difficulty with breathing and coughing are two common signs, though people with asthma and young children may be affected to a greater extent. These are important reasons for Riverside owners to address mold removal as quickly as possible.

Our Work

Able Restoration will send a team to your site shortly after we receive your call. If the building has sustained serious damage due to water leaks, we can help to repair the structure so that it is secure for mold remediation.

Once the water damage has been addressed, our team will locate any remaining source of moisture that may be creating spores. During the mold removal process, we protect Riverside owners and those inside of their property by setting up a containment area. This area uses industry-specific equipment, such as an HEPA-vac system, so we can dry and treat the affected area.

When our work is complete, we recommend that owners have a third-party environmental hygienist complete air quality testing. This step ensures that the quality of the air inside of the building is at least as good as the quality of the air outside.

In addition to interior and exterior structure cleaning, Able Restoration can help owners with odor removal and the secure, safe storage of items inside of the building, such as furniture and appliances. To learn more about all of our professional mold removal services for Riverside, call Able Restoration at 1-800-696-6676.

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About Us

Able Restoration has been the largest provider of water damage services to Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino and Los Angeles residents since 1996. We understand how water damage can occur in your home, how it can be prevented and how to repair it. One of the most commonly believed causes of water damage in are harsh hurricanes or tropical storms. However, we find that water damage is frequently threatened by more than just the typical type of natural disaster. The average rainfall is relatively light in Riverside, but there is still plenty of room for your home or property to suffer from water damage. In Orange County, water damage can also be a result of high rising river waters, broken levees, flash flooding from severe rainstorms, and even choosing to reside in ocean front properties can lead to extreme water damaging results