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The Importance of Mold Remediation: Riverside’s Able Restoration Discusses the Hazards Mold Spores Can Create

There are a lot of issues that lead property owners to hire a company for mold remediation. Riverside homes and businesses that have mold may have an unpleasant mildew smell. They may also show dark spots in areas such as small closets, unventilated rooms that tend to gather moisture, and other parts of the building.

However, these are only basic reasons that owners choose to have mold removal. Riverside buildings need help for another important reason: namely, they are exposing those inside to potential health risks.

There is some medical evidence that links indoor exposure to mold with breathing problems, persistent coughing, and wheezing in people who are otherwise healthy. People who have asthma may display even greater symptoms, and children may be even more susceptible. Ongoing research is looking into a link between exposure to mold and lingering health issues later in life.

Challenges with Mold

There’s good reason to seek help with mold remediation. Riverside homeowners who try to go it alone, however, may find that getting rid of the problem is more difficult than they expected.

Once mold spores begin to develop, they can take hold in places such as floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, and fabrics. They can also grow in places that aren’t readily visible, such as the central air and heat systems inside of a building. Air flowing through the ventilation ducts can agitate the spores and cause them to release particles throughout the building. Once they are airborne, it is more likely that people will inhale them.

Mold doesn’t require much to grow: just moisture, air, and a source of food. Spores can find these elements after a property has had significant water damage, or they can take root in areas of the home that tend to be moist. Even cabinetry with unfinished wood is enough to feed mold.

Getting Help

Because mold can’t always be cleaned away with simple steps, people turn to professionals for mold remediation. As a Riverside-based team of experts in mold removal, Able Restoration works with owners to address the underlying problems thoroughly so that their property is safer and cleaner.

Our expert disaster response teams locate the source of the moisture that is causing the problem. We set up a containment area with industrial-strength equipment, including the use of a HEPA-vac system, negative air equipment, and air scrubbers. These tools allow us to handle mold remediation while protecting Riverside owners and those inside from airborne mold spores.

Once we have completed the work inside, we recommend that owners have a third-party environmental hygienist complete air quality testing. This step helps to ensure that the air quality inside of the building is at least as healthy as the quality outside. Once the mold has been removed, Able Restoration can also reconstruct any damage that the building may have sustained from water leaks or burst pipes that led to the mold growth.

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