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Interior/Exterior Structural Cleaning

After a fire or flood, smoke stains, odor, water marks, and mildew can reach every part of your building. Improper repairs can lock this damage into your property for good.

Able Restoration comes to the rescue for owners who need interior and exterior structural cleaning. With almost 50 years of experience in remediating properties after catastrophe, we offer a thorough, proven process for repairing your property.

Interior Structural Cleaning

Our work starts by taking away the damaged materials and leaves the area “broom clean.” We can house the damaged contents at our secure facility, and we offer contents restoration services to save you the cost of replacing these items entirely.

Next, we assess the extent of the damage. In many cases, the total impact to your property is not visible on the surface. For instance, if a kitchen fire burned your cabinetry, the wall and supporting structure behind it may also be burned.

In these situations, Able Restoration will take down the affected wall to access the framework of your interior structure. We may also raze the surface of these materials to extract odor and particles entirely.

Able Restoration uses several methods to clean interior structures…

Source removal: Fire, water, and mold damage all require a different approach. With soot stains, for example, we employ HEPA vacuums, soot-absorbing sponges, and degreasers. No matter the cause, our team will hand- and detail-clean the affected structure.

Deodorization: General household cleaners usually won’t cut it against the burned-in odor of smoke or an underlying mildew smell. For odor removal, Able Restoration uses more than one type of application. Generally, we treat the air space with specialty products such as Ozone, Thermal Fog, Vaportek, and / or Hydroxyl treatments. We also use encapsulates on hard surfaces to ensure they are sealed.

Repair: Once Able Restoration has properly treated the damage and odor inside the structure, our general construction team restores the property to like-new condition. We rebuild walls, replace fixtures, and return the contents of the building to their original location.

Exterior Structural Cleaning

Smoke, fire, and severe storm conditions can impact the exterior finish of your building. Able Restoration’s team has the experience and expertise to clean these surfaces thoroughly and without causing further damage.

Our exterior structural cleaning service adapts to the needs of your project. Properties with limited damage may only require pressure washing. Able Restoration uses care in treating the exterior of your home or building, removing layers of smoke damage or mud to restore its appearance.

However, some properties have undergone extensive damage. Able Restoration uses a variety of processes to remediate these properties, including source removal, deodorization, and repair work. Our experience in general construction makes us uniquely qualified to respond both to disasters and to provide new construction.

Able Restoration can address and repair whatever damage your property has taken. Get in touch with our team.

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About Us

Able Restoration has been the largest provider of water damage services to Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino and Los Angeles residents since 1996. We understand how water damage can occur in your home, how it can be prevented and how to repair it. One of the most commonly believed causes of water damage in are harsh hurricanes or tropical storms. However, we find that water damage is frequently threatened by more than just the typical type of natural disaster. The average rainfall is relatively light in Riverside, but there is still plenty of room for your home or property to suffer from water damage. In Orange County, water damage can also be a result of high rising river waters, broken levees, flash flooding from severe rainstorms, and even choosing to reside in ocean front properties can lead to extreme water damaging results