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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage and Restoration for Orange County and Riverside Buildings

Fire damage can create terrible losses for a family or business. It can destroy personal items, corporate records, and valuable technology, among other things. More importantly, it devastates a place that has special meaning to those who live or work there.

There are some things that fire damage restoration can’t fix. One of the most important ways it can help, however, is to allow owners to move forward with a positive new beginning. Able Restoration makes this possible.

About Able Restoration

Able Restoration serves Orange County, Riverside, and the greater Southern California community. We provide fire restoration and damage reconstruction services that are professional, high-quality, and competitively-priced.

Our long experience in the community—over 45 years—has helped us forge relationships with hundreds of homeowners and companies. We know how to support people who have lost their houses to fire: scheduling work according to their needs, helping to repair and restore personal items, and providing assurances that they will have their home back soon.

We also assist businesses in challenging times. Our company works with corporate risk managers or other individuals who are responsible for disaster oversight. We serve as a bridge in their relationship with the insurance company, and we provide accurate and detailed estimates so that businesses can recoup their losses.

About Fire Damage Restoration

When we receive a call on our 24-hour emergency hotline, we go into action. Our team comes on-site and immediately secures the property to prevent injury and to protect the structure’s integrity.

Our estimators and superintendents work with the homeowner or the business manager to plan the recovery from fire damage. We assess the situation and define the scope of repairs, keeping in mind the needs of the owner and their work with the insurance company.

Once we begin fire restoration, our crew focuses on repairing structural damage. We are a full-service general contractor in addition to our disaster remediation services, and so our team can restore almost any building based on its original engineering plans.

Able Restoration also cleans parts of the building that are structurally sound but damaged by smoke. We use industrial-strength products to remove the stains and odor from the building. We coordinate this work with our general reconstruction efforts so that the smoke smell does not become trapped within the walls of the building.

Able Restoration does much more for owners as part of fire damage restoration. For example, we provide off-site content storage, offering a safe place to keep items during construction. We also ensure quality by providing an ongoing team review. Our customer service staff checks in with customers at the beginning, middle, and end of projects to ensure a good experience.

In short: Able Restoration makes the fire restoration process as easy as possible. We know our customers face a difficult situation, and we see it as our job to provide them confidence in their full recovery.

To learn more about fire damage and fire restoration, call 1-800-696-6676.

Water Damage

Rescue your building with help from Able Restoration. We extract water from your property, restores its contents, properly dry the structure, and repair internal and external damage.

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Mold Remediation

Take action against mold, bacteria, and odor. We protect your property's value as well as the health of those inside by containing and remediating mold at the source.

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Fire Restoration

Recover from catastrophe with effective, high-quality restoration services. We secure your property after a fire; remove damage, soot stains, and odor; and rebuild stronger than ever.

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About Us

Able Restoration has been the largest provider of water damage services to Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino and Los Angeles residents since 1996. We understand how water damage can occur in your home, how it can be prevented and how to repair it. One of the most commonly believed causes of water damage in are harsh hurricanes or tropical storms. However, we find that water damage is frequently threatened by more than just the typical type of natural disaster. The average rainfall is relatively light in Riverside, but there is still plenty of room for your home or property to suffer from water damage. In Orange County, water damage can also be a result of high rising river waters, broken levees, flash flooding from severe rainstorms, and even choosing to reside in ocean front properties can lead to extreme water damaging results