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Fire Damage Restoration Riverside

In Need of Fire Damage Restoration? Riverside’s Able Restoration Discusses Common Causes of Fires and How We Respond with Solutions

In moments, fire can destroy a significant portion of a home or business. We know all too well. As a leading provider of fire damage restoration, Riverside’s Able Restoration has been helping owners recover from disaster for over 45 years.

During that time, we have seen many of the common hazards that lead to fire and the need for fire restoration. Riverside property owners often wish that they knew beforehand what they know now: small incidents can have major repercussions.

Below, we discuss some of the typical ways that fires get started and how we help to resolve them…

Poorly-functioning appliances: Major home appliances, such as oven ranges, washing machines, and dryers, are often in use long after they are due for replacement. The same is true for manufacturing and office equipment. Each can create sparks that can start a fire.

Incidents with stoves: Busy lifestyles mean that we are more at risk for distraction than ever before. When this combine with food preparation, it can mean boiling pots left on the stove top or food burning in hot pans.

Problems with electricity: Poor construction or overloaded wiring can create sparks that start fires. In a business, this may happen when too many items are plugged into a single electrical socket. It can also occur when the wiring for a building becomes old, frayed, or damaged.

Candles: Fire damage restoration isn’t always the result of fires caused by electricity. Riverside homeowners may light candles to create a more pleasant living environment. Unfortunately, these candles may be forgotten when the homeowner goes out of the house.

These are only a few of the issues that can create dangerous situations and disaster for the property. Owners may also find the cause of their fire damage was gas leaks, holiday lights, or even something as destructive as a forest fire.

How We Respond

Whatever is behind the damage, Able Restoration can help Riverside owners return their property to their original state.

Fire damage restoration starts by securing the property to protect those who live or work inside. Then, we partner with customers to develop a plan for recovery, including an accurate scope of repairs and information for insurers.

Once these details are complete, our crew starts repairing the structural damage to the property. We also begin clearing out ruined building materials and cleaning the salvageable portions of the building. Upon request, Able Restoration can restore the contents of the property to their original condition, including furniture, electronics, and personal items.

During the repairs process, our team takes steps to remove the smoke odor from the building before buttoning up the walls, floors, and ceiling. To complete the work, we provide final touches such as curtains and carpeting. The result is a property that has been restored with efficiency, quality, and care.

To learn more about fire damage restoration for Riverside homes and buildings, call Able Restoration at 1-800-696-6676.

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