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How to Restore Your Total Loss Property From Fire

house-fireWhen your home or office is involved in a fire, a million things race through your mind. Will you have to move? Are your family pictures or important records safe? What about other irreplaceable items? It’s difficult not to feel like all your hard work has gone up in smoke, but often, cases that seem utterly hopeless aren’t as bad as they appear. Whatever the case, the Riverside fire restoration experts at Able Restoration are here to help you move forward.

Our Restoration Process

We understand how overwhelming a fire can be. Having to deal with multiple service providers for all of the various aspects of restoration will only make it more so. We provide end-to-end restoration services so you can have a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

After our disaster response team ensures the integrity of remaining structures and safety for our personnel, we do the following:

  1. Estimation and Cataloging: our team of experts performs a comprehensive evaluation of your property, noting structural damage and also meticulously cataloging all of its contents by size, serial number, and other characteristics to ensure nothing is missed. We then transport the contents to a nearby facility where we assess restorability, writing proposals for items we can save, and recommending replacement for those we can’t.
  2. Structural Reconstruction/Cleaning: in addition to being disaster recovery specialists, we are also a licensed general contractor. We will procure original engineering plans for the structure and restore it to its pre-fire state. We also utilize professional tools and product to completely clean away smoke damage and odor.
  3. Restoration of Contents: back at our facility, our team of craftsmen and technicians painstakingly restore the contents of your property to their pre-fire state. We do everything from hand cleaning, polishing, refinishing, and deodorizing of items to even rewiring and testing of electronics to save as much as we possibly can. Once finished, the items are stored at our facility until they can be safely returned home.

We’ve been in the restoration business for over 45 years and take pride in giving you outstanding results at a fair price. Fire restoration may not be able to fix everything, but we promise to give you the best possible foundation on which to build a positive new beginning.

Has extensive fire damage left you feeling hopeless? Give the Riverside fire restoration experts at Able Restoration a chance to surprise you. Call us today at 800.696.6676.

fire-restorationYou work hard to provide a good home for your family. Maybe you put in long hours, maybe you travel…whatever your case, living in Orange County is a choice that doesn’t come without effort attached. When a fire strikes your home, it’s easy to feel helpless and like the fruits of your labor have been stolen from you, but you don’t have to face it alone. The Orange County fire damage restoration experts at Able Restoration are here to help.

More Than Just Reconstruction

A house is just a building, but the things inside – and the memories made – are what make it a home. When you call us, we work hard to restore it all to its original state by:

  • Addressing structural damage: First and foremost, our teams assess any structural damage and take action to ensure against injury and further damage to your home while we work. Able Restoration is also a fully-licensed general contractor, so once secure, we can rebuild most any structure based on the original engineering plans.
  • Removing soot and smoke odor: Even in a relatively small fire, the odor and stains left by smoke can permeate a home long afterward. We use professional-strength cleaners, ozone treatments, and air filtration techniques to remove all soot and smoke odor wherever it exists – even inside the walls.
  • Asset restoration: In addition to returning your home back to normal, we also offer a full range of services for your personal property. Items we aren’t able to restore at your home can be taken back to our offices for proper treatment, but we are able to restore a number of items on-site. For items that don’t need restoration but need to be moved during reconstruction, we’re able to safely store them at our facility.

No matter the level of damage your home has suffered in a fire, you don’t have to pick up the pieces on your own. We understand how difficult it is when disaster strikes, and we’re with you every step of the way to get your home – and your life – back to normal as quickly possible.

Has your home suffered damage in a fire? Your Orange County fire damage restoration experts at Able Restoration are here to help you move forward. Call us today at 800.696.6676.

Water Damage

Rescue your building with help from Able Restoration. We extract water from your property, restores its contents, properly dry the structure, and repair internal and external damage.

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Mold Remediation

Take action against mold, bacteria, and odor. We protect your property's value as well as the health of those inside by containing and remediating mold at the source.

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Fire Restoration

Recover from catastrophe with effective, high-quality restoration services. We secure your property after a fire; remove damage, soot stains, and odor; and rebuild stronger than ever.

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